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SEA DWELLER - Signs of a perfect disaster (UDR07)

SEA DWELLER - Signs of a perfect disaster (UDR07)


Signs of a perfect disaster is the new album from SEA DWELLER follow up to the collection of eps Love is coming published on the german label 2&1 records. The band has taken its time to refine their sound and gives light to a labyrinth of melodies made of reverb and delay.

The new album shows a new side from the previous shoegaze influenced music, experimenting with synthethic rhytms that give a new tone to the psychedelic and dreamy sound of the band.

Valve saturation, delay feedback loops, spring reverbs, back to the future ALESIS HR-16 drumcomputer, old CRUMAR synthesizers and haunting vocals; the result is a collection of immediate and dizzy melodies where you can get lost for 30 minutes.

The band has toured with The Victorian English Gentlemens Club and Asobi Seksu, shared the stage with Spotlight Kid, Gregor Sams and APSE among the others, and worked on solo projects (My Violent Ego, HERBAL RESEARCH, Telepathics).

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“Italian trio Sea Dweller's Signs Of A Perfect Disaster is another of this year's finest releases to date”


“(...) sounds produced by the peripherals of the electric guitar: pedals, filters, tunings, distortion, delay and echo, and anything else that can express the otherworldly noises in their heads”


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**Limited edition of 300 copies on acid yellow wax with photocopied A4 insert** Rome, Italy's Sea Dweller make a gorgeous racket on their heavenly 2nd album of shoegaze dreampop. Returning to Upside Down Recordings after 2008's 'Underwater Town', they've seriously refined their sound in line with their too-obvious-to-mention influences. Head-flossing melodies made from reverb-effected and delayed guitar treatments swoon about vintage Alesis drum machines in clouds of old Crumar synths and opiated pop vocals giving the impression the band are playing with eyes shut, moving only just enough to play their instrument while lost to the ecstatic reverie - or then again that might just be due to the very fine mixing job by lead voice and main man Crstiano Carosi. Proper lush. RIYL My Bloody Valentine, Pink Playground, Ride!

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