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SOLD OUT // NASTRO - 300mq (UDR08)

SOLD OUT // NASTRO - 300mq (UDR08)

Limited edition 12“ vinyl LP 100 copies, die-cut cover

(2nd pressing)

- 300 MQ is the second album from NASTRO

-300 mq is the size of NASTRO's recordings studio where they have recorded the album and which they had to tear down with their bare hands after finishing the recordings as part of the contractual obligations.

Behind 300mq (300 squared meters) there are 12 months or recordings, sonic reworkings, played percusions, than dismembered and reassembled, a carefull work of sampling and audio architecture.

A frantic mix of electronic synthesis and acoustic, each element is an instable piece, psichedelia of a future and yet past era, crazy machines repeating themselves always the same and always different. Two long sides where extract several film themes if today's cinema would follow the pace of tomorrow.

NASTRO is a duo composed by Manuel Cascone, producer and musician based in Rome (see also Laser Tag, Cascao & Lady Maru) and Francesco Petricca (see also TELEfonoBALAfono, Oblomov)

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Norman Records

This is some bonkers mad as spam electronica, the likes of which I’ve not heard in ages. Nastro are 2 Italian dudes and this is their second album and if you’re wondering about the curious title ‘300mq’ it’s the size of their recording studio which they had to tear down (by hand!) after the recording of this album due to contractual reasons. No hammers were used.... Though listening to the music I think they may have used some hammers somewhere along down the line. This is all over the shop! Strange samples, weird percussion, alien synthesizer noises and bizarre electronic sounds all intertwined around bits of melody making it a non stop roller coaster ride of not knowing what is round the corner. Think of Wevie Stonder, Dat Politics, etc but replace the pop with an unhinged maniac with mental health issues and a fascination for blunt instruments and you’re somewhere close to getting an idea of what fun lies ahead. Limited to 100 copies on vinyl, all hand numbered in an extremely fancy sleeve with lots of things cut out of it (its very fetching!)


**Limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies housed in die-cut jacket with tessellating artwork insert** A fantastically primordial soup of dismantled and unstable rhythmic electronics and fractal synth patterns by the tightly intuitive duo, Francesco Petricca and Manuel Cascone, aka Nastro. The title of '300 mq' alludes to the size of their recording space in Rome which they were contractually obligated to tear down "with their bare hands" (remember, this was the time of the great Italian glove shortage of 2011) after finishing the album, which cutely dovetails with their collapsed and decimated approach to compositional structure. Analogous to the UK's Sculpture, the more hair-brained post-punk experiments of John Bender or Tara Cross, and the cut-up techniques of Burroughs and Gysin, the result is a Dadaist disassembly of repetition and psychedelic intent - a sound which pulls in all directions, fracturing trains of thought and creating new pathways through electronic and acoustic sounds to odder conclusions. 

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