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SOLD OUT // FILTRO - Riflesso (UDR14) C30

SOLD OUT // FILTRO - Riflesso (UDR14) C30

born in 2016 
from the meeting of 
Angelo Bignamini and Luca De Biasi 

already busy in the italian 
psychedelic and noise rock scene 
(The Great Saunites, Satantango, etc) 

in the grammatic of Riflesso 
magnetic tapes articulate 
with modular synthesizers 
and improvisation 

that the duo manipulates till they 
get a canvas of twines and multicolour stitches 

curves and corners 
sound scraps 
calibrated and polished 
get born again and find new context 
in the shape of patterns 
repeated sequences 
partly repeated 

the sound is fluid 
fragments come in, move, disappear 
opening new spaces to the perception

released March 12, 2017

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